2. texas-in-the-tardis:


    you don’t realise how much tumblr has changed your view on things until you spend time with friends who don’t have tumblr and they say something and you’re just like


    or your family who doesn’t have tumblr. Like, this is my life at every single family gathering. I’ve always been more open minded than most of them, but it’s getting worse.

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  3. fatted:

    Family: *says something racist*
    Family: *says something sexist*
    Family: *says something homophobic*
    Family: *makes fun of people with tattoos*
    Family: *tells you why you’re bad at life*
    Family: why don’t you wanna spend time with us?

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  4. beerito:

    are u in love with me? no?? *slides u a chocolate pudding* how about now?

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    1. me on a spanish test: cómo se llama, bonita, mi casa, shakira shakira

  5. senor-cactuar:

    the avengers?

    how about the international justice league of super acquaintances


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  6. AU: Fifth Harmony as famous YouTubers.

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  7. justalilblondemama:

    Accidental personal injuries are absolutely the worst. “Oh, how did you do that?” “Well, frankly, I’m an idiot.”

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